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SCI 100- Science: First Year Seminar- Davis: Research Assignments

Physical sciences

red and yellow solutions in test tubes in a rack


Science: Origin: Middle English (denoting knowledge): from Old French, from Latin scientia, from scire ‘know’. (Oxford English Dictionary)

The basis of knowledge is accurate information. Science demands a high-level skills in many areas, including information literacy. Scientists need to be able to find the best published research in their disciplines, analyze and evaluate the work of other scientists, gather background information in other disciplines and more. In English course assignments, research is an important supporting player, but the star of the show is the writing process. English class will give you an introduction to finding general information, but scientists require more precise skills.

The assignments in this module will get you started on the life-long practice of becoming an information literate scientist.

Step One: Choosing topic related to eventual career

Step Two: Identifying Background and Primary sources in science

Step Three: Locating primary and secondary sources

Step Four: Evaluating and using primary sources

Step Five: Citing sources



Life Sciences

line drawing of antique microscope