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SCI 100- Science: First Year Seminar- Davis: Step: 1: Beginning Research

Step 1a: The Why Behind Information Literacy

The word Science: Origin: Middle English (denoting knowledge): from Old French, from Latin scientia, from scire ‘know’. (Oxford English Dictionary). The basis of knowledge is accurate informationInformation literacy is one of the areas in which scientists need to develop strong skills.

Before they can become producers of information via laboratory and field studies, all scientists must become proficient information consumers. They need to be able to gather background informationfind the best published research in their disciplines, analyze and evaluate the work of other scientists, and more. In English course assignments, research is an important supporting player, but the focus is the writing process. In the Sciences, research is the star of the show.

The step-by-step assignments in the Information Literacy module will help you start the life-long process of becoming an information literate scientist.

Step 1b: Explore Careers

Use Ferguson's Career Guidance Center to explore possible career fields in the sciences that interest you. Select a discipline/profession to focus on throughout the rest of the Information Literacy module assignments. You will post a possible career focus in the next assignment.