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ENGL 101 - English Composition I - Roper: Your Assignment

Subcultures & Keywords

steampunk (science fiction, alternate history, Victorian, retrofuturistic, art nouveau)

lolita (fashion, cuteness, cosplay, Japanese)

sneakerheads (brands, sports, custom made)


graffiti artists (tagging, hip-hop, anti-establishment, yarn-bombing)

LARPing (live action role-playing, interactive literature, free form role-playing, participatory arts, cosplay)

hacker (gray hate, black hat, white hat, cracker)

prepper (survivalism, off the grid, adventure sport) 

cyberpunk (dystopia, utopia, cyborg, steampunk)

Trekkies (Star Trek, Trekkers, super fans)

fandom (Beatlemania, Harry Potter)

cosplay (costume play, anime, uniform fetishism, furries)

deaf (Deaf, sign language, acculturation) 

otherkin (changeling, skin-walker, elven)

polyglot (multilingualism)

hip hop (Bronx, rapping, DJing)

homesteading (self-sufficiency, back to the land)

political fringe groups (Tea party, Green party, 3%, antifa)