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Accessibility Technology: By Campus

Accessibility Technology


Resources for Students with Special Needs

GBG-Learning Commons


Special Software/Programs JAWS 18.0, ZOOMTEXT, KURZWEIL 3000, NATURAL READER & FSREADER.

Additional Software: Adobe Creative Pro Suite, AutoCAD 2017, Adobe Natural Reader, C++ Compiler, J Grasp,Microsoft Office 2016 – Word, Excel, PPT etc, Camtasia

Adaptive furniture Two tables with enough clearance for students using wheelchairs to get their legs underneath and they are conveniently close to one of our printers (easy to retrieve printed documents).

Two computers with high resolution with two InfoGrip mice (bright yellow trackball and over-sized buttons giving students easy access to interact with the computer.  It also has a 3 inch trackball which requires less fine motor control than a standard mouse.

Telesensory  Genie Pro in combination with an EVAS Dell Xtra SeriesComputer, creates a workstation that addresses students with low vision or unique viewing needs.

Genie Pro displays printed material in high-contrast  black text on a white background or white text on a black background along with offering twenty-four background/foreground color combinations to make viewing comfortable for each user.

Noise Cancelling Headset to block out background noise for studying and test taking.

Snowflake USB Microphone: Snowflake is a portable high-quality condenser microphone that lets you capture high-quality audio at any location. It features a precision-tuned capsule, digital converter and custom onboard preamp to ensure optimum performance

Telesensory Pico Pocket Sized Video Magnifier

Testing Accommodation Request -Gettysburg Campus


For more information, please visit our Office of disability Services page or Email Peggy Violette.

Library Contact Information


Harrisburg Library

Accessibility Technology

Furniture: We have three study carrels with lowered desk surfaces which are at a good height for students using wheelchairs or mobility scooters.  In addition, our main computer tables are positioned at the same height, though with somewhat less clearance under the work surface.  The right hand printer at the main print station also rests on a lower table to bring the document tray into a more accessible position.

Computers: We have one computer equipped with an InfoGrip mouse, which features a trackball and larger buttons which require less fine motor control.  We have multiple stations equipped with the ZoomText and JAWS software.  In addition, all of our computers including our in-library laptops feature the Magnifier desktop app, which supports screen magnification and color inversion to aid in reading.

In our first floor classroom, we have a stand-alone station near the windows which offers greater clearance both beneath the desk and around the station than the standard tables.

Vision Assistance: The library has one Schweizer standard magnifying glass, one Schweizer illuminated magnifying glass, two Bausch & Lomb magnifying sheets (which fit over a whole page at once), and a Pico video magnifier offering adjustable magnification levels, color inversion, and an adjustable light source.

Audio Assistance: The library currently has several headsets which can be used for audio conferencing and recording and are compatible with the JAWS software, many pairs of standard headphones, three pairs of large headphones which cover most of the ear, and one pair of over-ear headphones which completely enclose the ear and will accommodate most hearing aids. 

We also have a teletype machine for phone call assistance.  However, we are still in the process of determining if this device will work with the college's VOIP phone system.

Staff: Our library technicians and librarians will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs. 

Please speak to our staff for assistance.







Resources for Students with Special Needs

Pushnik Family Library (Lebanon Campus Library)

All PC Student Workstations:
  • Windows 10, Windows Ease of Access programs with shortcuts to them on the Desktop
    • Windows Speech Recognition--Allows user to control PC with voice 
    • On-Screen Keyboard--Shows keyboard layout on screen and then keys can be selected with mouse "or other pointing device"
    • Magnifier--Functional as full-screen magnifier, lens magnifier (follows mouse to focus magnification) and docked mode (only magnifies area where you are working); also includes color inversion which can increase contrast between background and text colors
    • Narrator--"Reads text on your PC screen aloud and describes events such as notifications or calendar appointments." Also reads names of keys pressed on the keyboard.
  • Cortana: Windows 10 version of Siri. Allows users to ask questions; interact with computer through voice

(See for more in-depth information about Windows accessibility tools.)

Computer #17 (Separate Table): In addition to the above, this computer also has the following:
  • Kurzweil 3000 Version 12: Software that provides text-to-speech functions including reading of images, pdf's, and web pages. Includes OCR, text-magnification, keyboard shortcuts, plus dictionary, vocabulary, and note-taking supports. 
Additional Items:
  • Rosetta Stone (English): Four individual copies on disk; English language learning software.
  • Table: Lower table (where Computer #17 sits) designed to be wheelchair accessible
  • Olympus Digital Voice Recorder: Handheld recorder sometimes used by students to record classroom lectures
  • Various handheld (non-digital) magnifiers: Enlarges print text 


Resources Available for Special Needs 
York Campus Library


This computer is reserved for students with mobility, hearing, visual, print and reading impairments. It is on an adjustable height table that has enough clearance for wheelchair access. This computer is next to a library staff desk allowing for immediate assistance if necessary.

Special Software/Programs on #00: 

Adobe Pro Suite 2018

AutoCAD 2018 (includes REVIT)

FS Reader 3.0

JAWS [FS Reader] 2018

Kurzweil 3000

Microsoft Office 2016 - Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.

Read & Write Gold 12 for Windows

Tipp 10 Online Typing Program

Visual Studio 2015

Zoom Text 10

Please note that you may be asked to move to another computer if needed. Thank you.

*The library has an additional student computer on an adjustable height table, available for wheelchair access and to all other students (it does not have special disability software).

Printer - the library printer is located on an adjustable height table next to a library staff desk to allow for immediate assistance.

Noise Cancelling Headset (two) -  to block out background noise is available for students.






For more information on our disability services, please visit the HACC website.