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Human Services Guide: HUMS 215

This guide will introduce you to Human Services and Social Work reference resources, books, journals, web sites and more.

HUMS 215 Field Work Practicum Handbook

This manual is designed to inform student interns, Field Work Supervisors and Practicum agencies with information about field work practicum requirements for the Human Service Career and the Social Services Transfer Programs. Readers will learn:

  1. Course objectives and requirements for Human Services 215 (Hums215), Fieldwork Practicum.
  2. Responsibilities of the Fieldwork agency, Practicum instructor, Student, and the college for the practicum course.
  3. Procedures for enrolling in the Field Work Practicum course and securing a Field work placement.
  4. Student assignments for the Field Work Practicum.

This handbook seeks to provide students and fieldwork supervisors a clear idea of what is expected in each person’s respective roles. The essential goal is for the student to have a professionally and personally rewarding learning experience. The goal is also for the agency, staff and clients to benefit from having a HACC Human Services student at the agency. 

Practicum Coordinators

Melinda Eash, Field Placement Director, Department Chair Health and Public Service
B101-B, Harrisburg
(717) 780-2371

Sherrill Goodlive, Program Director
W111-C, Harrisburg
(717) 780-2505