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Featured e-Books

Homelessness Is a Housing Problem: How Structural Factors Explain U.S. Patterns

With rigor and clarity, Homelessness Is a Housing Problem explores U.S. cities' diverse experiences with housing precarity and offers policy solutions for unique regional contexts.

Foster Care in America

This resource provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the American foster care system.

Halfway House: Prisoner Reentry and the Shadow of Carceral Care

An inside look at the struggles former prisoners face in reentering society .

Community Mental Health Engagement with Racially Diverse Populations

Community Mental Health Engagement with Racially Diverse Populations summarizes research on reducing mental health disparities in underserved populations through community engagement programs.

Senior Care and Services: Essays and Case Studies on Practices, Innovations and Challenges

Topics include seniors and the U.S. government; health and wellness; longevity; caregiving; housing and accommodations; Social Security and finance; immigrant, minority and LGBT issues, and life-long learning and technology.

Poverty and Welfare in America: Examining the Facts

This book closely examines controversial claims and beliefs surrounding poverty and anti-poverty programs in the United States.

A Guide to Writing for Human Service Professionals

Straightforward and concise, the second edition of A Guide to Writing for Human Service Professionals offers students and professionals practical tools to improve their writing.

Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy in the United States: a History

The first new social work history to be written in over twenty years, Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy in the United States presents a history of the field from the perspective of elites, as well as service providers and recipients.

Abusive Policies: How the American Child Welfare System Lost Its Way

Highlighting the rise of Parents Anonymous and connecting their activism to the sexual abuse moral panic that swept the country in the 1980s, Raz argues that these panics and policies--as well as biased viewpoints regarding race, class, and gender--played a powerful role shaping perceptions of child abuse. These perceptions were often directly at odds with the available data and disproportionately targeted poor African American families above others.

Featured Print Books

Social Work Practice with Families

Social Work Practice with Families uses resiliency - a strength-based perspective - to frame a collaborative approach to assessment and treatment with families.

Best Practices for Social Work with Refugees and Immigrants

Social work practice with refugees and immigrants requires specialized knowledge of these populations and specialized adaptations and applications of mainstream services and interventions.

Regulating the Lives of Women: social welfare policy from colonial times to the present

Based on considerable new research, the preface to this third edition explains the rise of Neoliberal policies in the mid-1970s, the strategies deployed since then to dismantle the welfare state, and the impact of this sea change on women and the welfare state after 1996.

How Ten Global Cities Take on Homelessness: Innovations That Work

This book takes on perhaps the most formidable issue facing metropolitan areas today: the large numbers of people experiencing homelessness within cities. Four dedicated experts with first-hand experience profile ten cities--Bogota, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, New York City, Baltimore, Edmonton, Paris, and Athens--to explore ideas, strategies, successes, and failures.

Understanding the Mental Health Problems of Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Social Workers

In the book, Kirstin Painter and Maria Scannapieco take on ADHD, childhood trauma, anxiety disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, bipolar disorder, the spectrum of schizophrenia, psychosis, and substance abuse.