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Dental Hygiene & Dental Assisting Guide

This guide will help you find appropriate resources for your research assignments in Dental Hygiene.

SIFT Method by Mike Caufield

SIFT Information Evaluation | Piktochart Visual Editor

SIFT Information Evaluation Habits (image text)

Below are simple habits to practice when looking at information...

  • Stop
    • Do you know the website?
    • What is its reputation?
    • What is your purpose?
    • How do you feel?
    • Consider cognitive biases.
  • Investigate the Source
    • What exactly is the source?
    • What can you find out about the website? 
    • What about the author?
    • Is it worth your time?
    • Stuck? Try steps under [W]ebsite & [A]uthor
  • Find other coverage
    • Is other coverage similar?
    • Can you find a better source?
    • One more trusted?
    • More in-depth?
    • What do expert sources agree on with coverage?
    • Stuck? Try steps under [A]rticle
  • Trace claims, quotes, media to the original context
    • Can you find the original source? 
    • What is the original context?
    • Has it been accurately presented?
    • Stuck? Try steps under [C]laim

Graphic created by Suzanne Sannwald based on Mike Caufield's work on SIFT (

Web Search Strategies State Practice Act Assignment

Useful Dental Websites

Locating Copyright Free Images

Exercise: Websites - Good or Bad Choice?m

Website 1 -

Website 2 -

Website 3 -

Website 4 - What do you see when you do a medical type search in Google? Type in the keywords: dental caries and children