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Dental Hygiene & Dental Assisting Guide

This guide will help you find appropriate resources for your research assignments in Dental Hygiene.

Scenario #1


Original Wording:   “Climate change is a problem that is affecting people and the environment. Greater energy efficiency and new technologies hold promise for reducing greenhouse gases and solving this global challenge.”

Judi’s Paper:  Climate change is a major problem that affects people and the environment. An increase in energy efficiency using new technologies can lower greenhouse gases and solve this worldwide challenge.

Scenario #2

Source: Baird, Stephen L. "Offshore Oil Drilling: Buying Energy Independence or Buying Time?." Technology Teacher 68.3 (2008): 13-17. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 22 June 2010.


Original Wording:   “The article claims that the U.S. is a leader in safety technologies in the offshore oil industry to address people's concerns over the environmental and safety issues related to offshore drilling.”


Corrine’s Paper: As a leader in safety technologies in the offshore oil industry, the U.S. should address people’s concerns over the environmental and safety issues related to offshore drilling (Baird, 13).

Scenario #3

Kathleen has a research paper due in her English composition class.  She is allowed to choose any topic covering a controversial issue.  Kathleen received an “A” on a paper she wrote for another class on the topic of immigration. Kathleen submits the same paper for this assignment. 

Scenario #4

Cecelia is used to her peers reviewing her writing in class, so she asks her sister to look at her paper and give her suggestions for improvement, too.  After discussing the topic of the paper, her sister has many suggestions and re-writes some of the sentences to better express Cecelia’s ideas and opinions.

Scenario #5


Katie is giving a PowerPoint presentation for her marketing class. She found a graph online and cut & paste it into her PowerPoint presentation. She lists the website and date she visited the site below the image.