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Visual Arts Subject Guide

Books: Highlighted Resources

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Search the Library Catalog

The library's holdings consist of books in both electronic and print formats, as well as our streaming media titles. When you search the catalog you are searching all of these things. If you want only books, you can limit to format in the "limit search results" section in the first column.

When you type things into search boxes, you are, by default, doing what is known as a keyword search. When you are looking for information on certain topics it can be helpful to do a subject search instead. However, some subject headers are not as robust or descriptive, so a highly targeted keyword search might be better in some cases. Here are some key differences between the two search types of searches:

Keyword Search Subject Search
  • searches anywhere in the record for the words you typed
  • provides a lot more, but possibly unrelated, results
  • useful if you know that you have the correct words
  • search terms are the same regardless of where you are looking
  • has been tagged by a librarian as being relevant to the assigned subject
  • provides fewer, but more relevant, results
  • useful when multiple terms describe the same idea 
  • different databases might use different subject headings