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JRNL101 - Escape Room Game - HACC Library

This is a libguide for an escape room game.

Great! You have found the  Journalism 101 LibGuide!

What is a LibGuide? When a class has a library session, the librarian will build a LibGuide specifically for that class. For example, if you are writing a paper and you need to find two articles and a website, the librarians will create a LibGuide to point you in the right direction. See the contents of this LibGuide below.




To do #1, Print out the handout, 10 Things to Know About the Library (see link on the left)

To do #2:The catalog contains information about all of the books, streaming video, and dvds we have at HACC. 

-Search the HACC Book AND Media Catalog below for your group's book.

Group #1 Title:  "Going Viral : Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World
Group #2 Title:  "Zombies and Calculus."

-Write down the call number.

-Next, find the book on the second floor. A clue will be near!


HACC Library: Books and Media Catalog Search

The HACC Library: Books and Media catalog is a searchable database of books, periodical titles, and audio-visual material available at Harrisburg Area Community College.


Faculty Librarian

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Barbara Stockland
Office Hours: Mon. 9am-3pm and Wed. 9am-5pm
(use "Meet with Me" button on right to make appt.)
Subjects: Faculty, Harrisburg

Evaluating Websites


  • Who is the author or organization responsible for the information?
  • What are the author’s credentials? (experience, education, academic or
  • professional affiliations)
  • Are the expert and the webmaster the same person?


  • Are references included that verify the information’s source?
  • Is the information consistent with other sources on the topic?
  • Are there mistakes in spelling and word usage?

Bias/Objectivity (Fact vs. Opinion)

  • Is more than one viewpoint or opinion expressed?
  • Is the information presented as fact or opinion?
  • Is the site’s purpose to inform? To entertain? To persuade? To explain? To advocate a cause? To sell a product?
  • Does the author use emotionally charged language?


  • When was the site’s last update?
  • When was the information compiled originally?
  • Is the information still valid or is it out of date?


  • Is the information directed toward a general or specialized audience?
  • Is the information comprehensive enough for your needs? Specific enough? Too detailed? Too vague?
  • Does the information cover the correct period of time for your topic? The correct geographical area?