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SOCI 201 - Introduction to Sociology - Flavin

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines

scholarly article and popular article description

Scholarly vs. Popular

A scholarly and popular articles differ. Scholarly articles are written by experts in their fields and are the most reliable sources. Popular articles are written by journalists and not experts in one particular field.

  • Length for scholarly articles are sometimes 5-50 pages
  • Audience for scholarly articles are academics, college students, and scholarly audiences
  • Expertise for scholarly articles. written by academics, professors, specials, researchers
  • Peer-reviewed. Scholarly articles are peer-reviewed by authorities in a particular subject field that decide whether it is a credible piece of research.
  • Subjects. Scholarly articles are confined to a single, very specific aspect or a subject area.

Locating Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles must contain a statement of the problem and a hypothesis. This information is often found in the Introduction section of the article. The article needs an abstract, a sample population, methods, and results.

how to locate a scholarly article

Locating Scholarly Articles
  • Full-Text Articles: Place a check mark next to the Full Text box to receive results that contain entire articles. Otherwise, full articles and abstracts will not be part of the search results.
  • Scholarly Articles: Place a check mark next to Scholarly (peer review) Journals for scholarly articles.