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Computer Science Resources

Computer Science History

A New History of Modern Computing

Haigh and Ceruzzi ground their accounts of these computing revolutions in the longer and deeper history of computing technology. They begin with the story of the 1945 ENIAC computer, which introduced the vocabulary of "programs" and "programming," and proceed through email, pocket calculators, personal computers, the World Wide Web, videogames, smart phones, and our current world of computers everywhere--in phones, cars, appliances, watches, and more.

Computer Programming (General)

Essential Computer Science

This book focuses on the foundational and fundamental concepts upon which expertise in specific areas can be developed, including computer architecture, programming language, algorithm and data structure, operating systems, computer networks, distributed systems, security, and more.

The Self-Taught Computer Scientist: The Beginner's Guide to Data Structures & Algorithms

It's written for complete beginners, so you should have no problem reading it even if you've never studied computer science before.

Learning Test-Driven Development

e. With this indispensable guide, you'll learn how to use TDD with three different languages: Go, JavaScript, and Python.

JAVA Program Language

Java Challenges: 100+ Proven Tasks That Will Prepare You for Anything

. Java Challenges will prepare you for your next exam or job interview, and covers many practical topics, such as strings, arrays, data structures, recursion, and date and time.

Java 17 for Absolute Beginners

Write your first code in Java 17 using simple, step-by-step examples that model real-word objects and events, making learning easy.

C Program Language



; This new edition features over six hours of instructional video that guide you through HTML and CSS, getting you up and running with web development in no time.

Python Computer Program Language

Python All-In-One for Dummies

The one-stop resource for all your Python queries

Game Development Using Python

This book will guide you through the basic game development process using Python, covering game topics including graphics, sound, artificial intelligence, animation, game engines, etc.

Learn Python Programming

Learn the fundamentals of Python (3.7) and how to apply it to data science, programming, and web development.

The Big Book of Small Python Projects

The 100+ short programs in Big Book of Small Python Projects are designed to help beginning-to-intermediate programmers expand their knowledge of how to deploy Python creatively and effectively by offering coding examples that will help them to tackle their own coding challenges.

Computer Science Mathematics/Discrete Mathematics

Schaum's Outline of Discrete Mathematics, Fourth Edition

Schaum's Outline of Discrete Mathematics, Fourth Edition is the go-to study guide for more than 115,000 math majors and first- and second-year university students taking basic computer science courses.

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

"Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science: An Example-Based Introduction is intended for a first or second-year discrete mathematics course for computer science majors

A Brief Journey in Discrete Mathematics

The goal of this book is to showcase the beauty of mathematics as revealed in nine topics of discrete mathematics.

Finding More Books on Computer Science Topics (Suggested Subject Headings)

The titles listed above are great for getting you started! For additional titles, try searching the HACC Catalog and ebooks on EBSCOhost (linked below), using the following subject headings:

  • C++ computer program language
  • C# computer program language
  • JAVA computer program language
  • Python computer program language
  • Computer Science vocational guidance
  • Computer Science history
  • Computer Science mathematics
  • Computer programming
  • Computer games programming
  • Application software development
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • HTML Document Markup Language
  • Cascading Style Sheets



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