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ENGL 003 - Strategy-Based Reading III - Yashur

Welcome to the research guide for your remote class. Here you will find links to library resources you will need to complete your research paper. Select a topic in the left column to navigate this guide.

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Choosing a Topic and Keywords

  1. If you don't know what topic to choose, start with a general subject area, then browse the library shelves, databases, or Internet for ideas.

  2. Select a topic.
    Example: Asthma

  3. What do you already know about the topic? What do you want to say about the topic?
    Example: Asthma is a respiratory condition. It can be life-threatening. People with asthma usually require treatment to control their symptoms. People with asthma often limit their activity.

  4. What is your opinion on your topic?
    Example: A person with asthma can safely participate in sports.

  5. Select your search terms from your statement sentence.
    Example: It can be healthy for children with asthma to participate in sports.

  6. Select your search terms. Think of related keywords and variations to use as search terms. 



    health (y)


    safe (ty)





  7. Use these words in search boxes in the library catalog, databases, and on the Internet to gather information to support your argument.

Develop Your Search Terms

Background sources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries can give a broad overview of a topic, assist in developing search terms, and help lead you to the sources you will use in your paper. 

Oxford Dictionary of Social Media

Picking Your Topic IS Research

Developing a Research Topic