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FS 100--Bowers


This guide collects a few resources that will help you with the library assignments for FS 100 with Gina Bowers.  It reviews and supplements what we discussed in the library class on 2/20/2024.

Here's what you can find in this guide:

  • Databases:  A direct link to EBSCO (the database shown in class), a very quick recap of the librarian's tips for effective searching, and two videos with more information about database searching.
  • Scholarly Articles:  Review what we discussed in class about what scholarly articles are, and access a video and an interactive tutorial with more information about how to read and understand scholarly articles.
  • Catalog Search:  A video reviewing how to search the library catalog, and a link to the catalog itself.
  • Web Searching:  Review of how to limit a Google search to .edu or .gov, plus additional web searching tips.
  • MLA Citations:  The library's guide to citation, with examples of how to cite different source types.

Need help?  You can use the buttons below to get help from any HACC librarian.  If you want to reach the librarian who visited your class, email Alex at 

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