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English 101 Lupinacci Assignment

Critical 4 – Please choose ONE of the following prompts to write a 3-page paper.


p. 489 #2 In a carefully composed argument, support or refute this claim: “Except in cases of serious crime, separating families through deportation (or incarceration) is wrong and does more harm than good to American society.” Try to include facts and figures as well as anecdotal evidence in your proof.

p. 494 #2 In 2016, the Washington Post conducted a telephone poll with 504 self-identifying Native Americans; nine out of ten said they were not offended by the name Redskins. Look up the details of the survey, and, based on the findings, write an argument for (or against) the use of Redskins as a name for a football team.

p. 514 #3 Write a “modest proposal” (see Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” p. 542) suggesting that society should cease to use [insert digital technology of your choice] for an entire year. Be sure to cite the specific advantages of adopting your proposal.

p. 538 #2 Write an argument that either supports or opposes one of the following claims: (1) profits from big-time college sports help to pay for minor sports and academic programs; (2) the most vital connection between most alumni and their school is the sports connection; (3) sports have eaten a big hole in college life. Be sure to back up your claim with copious evidence.

An argumentative topic of your choosing – you would submit a sample thesis statement for approval prior to starting the research and writing the paper.

For critical 4, you will need to incorporate two sources from the HACC library (books, databases, journals) to support your thesis. All sources must be cited on your Works Cited page in alphabetical order using MLA 8 format. You must use the library's "cite it" feature within the source, or use other citation aides such as Purdue OWL and/or Valencia College

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