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PSYC 101 - General Psychology - Mills

About This Guide

This LibGuide has been prepared for sections of Psychology 101 taught by Prof. Sara Mills in Spring of 2022.  Use the menu along the left-hand side of the screen to navigate through the different pages of this guide.  

  • On this page, you can find information about library services, as well as some videos offering general overviews of library databases.  (You will be using library databases for many of the assignments in this class!)  
  • The next group of pages focuses each of the research-based assignments in turn.  These pages tell you which resources we recommend for each assignment, with links and tips for using them.    (Note:  At the time of the in-class presentation from the librarian, on January 26, pages for the research-based assignments due in February are available.  Pages for the remaining assignments, due in April, will be posted in the coming weeks.)  
  • A separate page provides resources relating to APA-style citation
  • The final page shows a variety of options for getting help with these (and other!) assignments.  

Current Library Services

What Are Databases and Why You Need Them (Video)

Basic Database Searching (HACC Video)

Advanced Database Searching (HACC Video)