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Libretexts Resources & Training

The following are highlights of more common tasks in LibreTexts. You can access the Libretexts Construction Guide for more topics and in-depth instructions

Creating an Account

Before editing a page, you must first log in to the LibreTexts with an account that has editing capabilities. You can request an instructor account at  Select the library to use as your home library (your discipline area) and provide your HACC email address. Once your account has been created, you will sign in to a library by entering your credentials into the toolbar below the list of libraries. For more information please see this guide

User Sandbox

When you log in with your instructor's account, a Sandbox will be created for you. You can access the sandbox by clicking your username and selecting "Sandbox" . The content of your sandbox is not publicly viewable and can only be seen by you, people you have given specific access to, and to curators of LibreTexts. Once you are in your Sandbox click on "TestBox" to begin creating your OER project.

Creating an New Book, Chapter, or Page

Once you go to your Sandbox TestBox the black bar will have Edit, New and Options buttons. Click “New” and then select “Book/Unit” to begin creating your OER and give it a title. You can follow the same process to create a new "chapter" and a "page" in your OER.

Follow this Quick Start Guide for more in depth instructions on how to create a new Book, Chapter, and Pages.




Except where otherwise noted, content of this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0 license and is adapted from the LibreTexts Construction Guide