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Research Literacy for Massage Therapist

Pyramid of evidence

Study on apple coloration

Making Sense of the Research

Massage Therapy and Science

Research Tools

Evaluation Criteria that you've found this information, is it worth using?

In order to decide if the source is reliable, ask yourself these questions: responsible? Who gathered the information, wrote it, produced it? Are they trustworthy?

 WHAT...type of information does the source give you? Broadly or narrowly focused?          

WHEN...was it created? Is it too old, too new, or just right for your needs?

WHERE...did the information come from? Does the author share the sources used to     create this book, article, web site, etc?

WHY...was it created? To state the facts, to argue a point, to change your mind about  an issue, to entertain?

HOW...does it fit into your research? What does it add to your knowledge?