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ESL 070 - Integrated Reading & Writing - Mummert


Hello Class,

Your assignment , a list of endangered animals, and some keyword ideas can be found below.

Use the "Articles" and "Web Sites" sections of your guide to find your sources.

Please let me know if you have any questions!: Lisa: or Andrea:

Endangered Animals

Please select from this list: tiger, snow leopard, cheetah, manatee. bees, rhinoceros, elephant, orangutan, sea turtle.

Keyword Suggestions

When you are searching for articles, remember that your endangered animal probably has both a popular name and a scientific name. For example, the scientific name for the Black Rhino is Diceros Bicornis.

Try combining your endangered animals name with some of the following keywords:

  • endangered
  • conservation
  • habitat
  • biodiversity
  • extinction
  • survival

This is just a partial list. Brainstorm some additional keywords as well!