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Information Literacy Collaboration

In Action

Collaboration Ideas

Classroom Instruction 

Librarians are available to conduct sessions tailored to your individual classes or assignments. HACC faculty may request information literacy instruction for any class and any amount of time. Use our Classroom Instruction or Virtual Instruction request form to schedule your session.

Guided Research

Have a librarian available to your students while conducting research during class time. This visit gives a librarian the opportunity to support your students as they are actively conducting research to address any stumbling blocks they might be facing. This visit often occurs as a follow-up to class instruction.

Creation of Research Assignments

Need ideas for creating information literacy/research assignments? Spend time brainstorming with your campus librarians. From the development and implementation of the assignment to the recommended library resources used to complete it, your campus librarians are happy to work with you!

Topic Ideas & Resource Recommendations

Looking for new topic ideas/themes? Not sure which resources we have to support your assignments? Get in touch with your campus librarians to get a list of the latest issues and the best resources we have to support them.

Virtual Librarians

Hoping to have an ongoing and interactive library presence for your classes? Librarians can be embedded! There are several ways to achieve this long-lasting collaboration. The most popular methods involve multiple class visits/appointments or by inviting a librarian to participate via D2L. We can create discussion boards to answer research questions, embed library class guides and tutorials, hold scheduled chat sessions, send email reminders, and more.

Guides & Tutorials

Like this guide? We can create one for your classes or discipline. Subject guides are created to provide common resources for many types of assignments within a discipline, class guides are created around specific assignments when the resources needed are particularly unique to that assignment.

Selection of Materials

If you have recommendations for materials to add to our library collections, we want to hear from you! We are always happy to receive recommendations for books, magazines, trade journals, academic journals, databases, and more.

Plagiarism Detection

Given this unfortunate reality, librarians are well equipped to help you substantiate concerns regarding plagiarism.


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