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World Religion

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Experiment with different combinations of terms when searching our catalog and databases.

Try combining the term "religious aspects" OR a specific religion with any of the following: sex; marriage; families; women; homosexuality; divorce; human rights; war; ecology; birth control; abortion; medicine; nursing; animal welfare. Experiment with your own terms as well!


Also try directly comparing two religions (or religious figures) in general:


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The Religion books can be found on our shelves, from BL through BX. Here are some locations for specific religions:

  • Hinduism: BL 1100-1107.5
  • Jainism: BL 1300-1380
  • Confucianism: BL 1830-1883
  • Taoism (Daoism): BL 1899-1942.81
  • Sikhism: BL 2195-2228
  • Shinto: BL 2216-2227.8
  • Judaism: BM
  • Islam: BP
  • Buddhism: BQ
  • Christianity: BR
  • The Bible: BS
  • Doctrinal theology: BT
  • Christian denominations: BX