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Career Guide

eBooks for Veterans

From Boots to Business: Transitioning From the Service to a Career in Business

Designed to help personalize the experience while guiding readers through the breadth of available options, those interested in pursuing a career within the business realm or as a business owner will find Boots to Business to be a valuable reference guide.

Mission Transition: Managing Your Career and Your Retirement

Mission Transition: Managing Your Career and Your Retirement is a needed introduction of the military's new "Blended Retirement System," representing the big shift in how the DoD manages military retirements.

Mission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post-Military Career

Mission Transition is an essential career-change guide for any transitioning veteran that wants to avoid false starts and make optimal career choices following active duty.

Military Veteran Reintegration : Approach, Management, and Assessment of Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life

Military Veteran Reintegration: Approach, Management, and Assessment of Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life offers a toolkit for researchers and practitioners on best practices for easing the reintegration of military veterans returning to civilian society.

Out of Uniform: your guide to a successful military-to-civilian career transition

Out of Uniform, Second Edition is designed to help all transitioning military personnel, regardless of service, branch, rank, rating, time in service, time in grade, or specialty.

From We Will to at Will

With expert recommendations and insights, real-world case studies, and state-of-the-art resources and tools, From We Will to At Will demystifies the culture and mind-set of today's veterans, presents the business case for hiring veterans, shows how to manage the hiring process, and provides a clear road-map to navigate the path from veteran-friendly to veteran-ready.

An Insider's Guide to Working for the Federal Government

What is it like to work for the federal government? What are day-to-day operations like? How do I get a job in the Beltway? For anyone asking these questions, author and longtime federal employee Dan Linder draws on more than forty years of experience to provide the answers.

Veteran Services

Local Career Agencies

A Second Career (Video)

This program profiles veterans making career choices as they reintegrate into civilian life.