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Troubleshooting Guide for HACC Library Users

This guide has tips for troubleshooting common problems and contact information for problems that cannot be solved so easily.

How to login to the Library

All HACC students, staff and faculty should use their MyHACC username and MyHACC password to access all library online resources or services including:

  • Using databases from home via Articles & Databases > Databases A-Z
  • Placing all requests from the Books & Media catalog (Request It! and Interlibrary loans requests)
  • Access My Account (under Services) to renew books, view fines, bills, holds, and requests.  

Database Access

User Access

Note: Remote access to the HACC Library's licensed online resources is available to current HACC students, faculty & staff. In order to use these resources you must be "authenticated" (recognized as a valid user) by the HACC campus network.  Your login/password is your HACC username and password.  HACC's Central Authentication page.

Satellite ISP & EBSCO Problem

If a student/faculty member is using a satellite Internet Service Provider, they may not be able to access EBSCO databases from off campus. EBSCO’s Tech Support said that the students/faculty member will need to contact their satellite Internet Service Provider to make adjustments on their end.  

Are you accessing the library from a military or government computer?

  • If you are attempting to access the library's resources from a military or government computer, there may be a secure firewall in place that prevents you from using the library's proxy server.
  • If this is the case, please try accessing from a less secure area, if possible. For example, try accessing from your lodging or a community area instead of your workplace, as these areas may allow proxy server access.
  • If you are still experiencing problems, you may need to contact your help desk or IT staff to see if your firewall can be adjusted to allow you to access the library's proxy server.

Mac Issues

Mac -- Issues accessing databases

Adjust your browser security settings
  • Safari
    Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab and select Never under Block cookies
  • Firefox (Mac)
    Firefox > Preferences > Privacy tab and select Remember history from the drop-down menu
  • How to Enable Cookies on Google Chrome (Mac Users)
    • Click on the Chrome menu at the top of the page.
    • Select Preferences, then click Show Advanced Settings.
    • Click on the Content Settings button in the Privacy section.
    • Click on the Allow local data to be set radio button in the Cookies section. (Also make sure that "Block all third-party cookies without exception" and "Clear cookies and other site data when I quit my browser" are NOT selected.)
    • Click on the Allow all sites to run JavaScript radio button in the JavaScript section.

Clear your browser cache/history

  • Safari
    History > Clear History > Clear
  • Firefox (Mac)
    Tools > Clear Recent History > switch time range to Everything > Clear Now 
  • Chrome
    Click Wrench icon on toolbar > Tools > Clear browsing data > Clear browsing data

If you are receiving an error accessing EBSCOhost with Firefox on a MAC with a managed user account, please do the following:

  1. Go to your Firefox Network settings from the Firefox toolbar: Firefox → Options → Advanced → Network → Settings.
  2. Select Manual proxy configuration and enter the following values:

HTTP Proxy:
Port: 10010

  1. Select OK and retry accessing EBSCOhost.