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HACC Learning Commons- Faculty Resources: SAS Accommodated Testing

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Faculty Instructions for SAS Accommodated Testing

Requesting Proctoring for Students with Testing Accommodations

  1. Log into Accommodate at: This link can also be found under the faculty tab on MYHACC. 
  2. Click on the Courses menu option, found on the left hand side of the screen to display assigned courses in both the current and past semesters.
  3. Click on the Course Catalog menu option at the top of the page. Assigned courses will appear towards the bottom of the page. Scroll down to view all assigned courses.
  4. Click on the appropriate Course Title link to open a screen that allows you to submit exams as well as view students enrolled in your course and their accommodations.
  5. At the top there is a menu that allows you to navigate through all options; at the very right there is a small arrow. Please click the arrow to locate the Exam menu item.
  6. Click on the red button Add New Exam in the center of the Accommodate web page, which opens a page where you can submit information and a physical exam (if needed).
  7. Complete all sections on this page. Please include relevant information about the exam in the Description Section, such as the testing platform, any passwords, specific instructions about calculators, notes, test sections, formula sheets, faculty phone number etc.
    1. Please include how long a student should have for the exam in the test length section.
    2. In the attachment section, you can include a physical copy of an exam, notes or relevant information for the exam. Please click on the upload file to upload the exam.
    3. Set a start date and expiration date to reflect when the student may take the exam.
    4. There is a Time Frame Section; please highlight multiple times and days to make it easier for students to schedule.  Students with extended time may need to test at times different than class meetings due to their schedules. Additionally, we have limited space and proctors, we appreciate your flexibility. 
  8. The last option on the form is a question that asks to apply the exam to all students in the section. By clicking YES, this will allow all students who have accommodations in your class to be able to schedule to take this exam. 
  9. A new entry will be needed for each additional test/quiz, BUT ALL students will be included for this specific exam.
  10. There is no need to include accommodations as the system will automatically update this for each student.
  11. Remember to please hit the Submit Button to process your entry.
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