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African American History


A Promised Land

Obama takes readers on a compelling journey from his earliest political aspirations to the pivotal Iowa caucus victory that demonstrated the power of grassroots activism to the watershed night of November 4, 2008, when he was elected 44th president of the United States, becoming the first African American to hold the nation's highest office.

The Substance of Hope: Barack Obama and the Paradox of Progress

A trenchant and timeless examination of the still-contested meanings of President Barack Obama's election, from a preeminent scholar of race, politics, and American history-with a new introduction by the author.

Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior

A groundbreaking look at how group expectations unify black Americans in their support of the Democratic party

The Truths We Hold: an American Journey

A New York Times bestseller From Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, one of America's most inspiring political leaders, a book about the core truths that unite us, and the long struggle to discern what those truths are and how best to act upon them, in her own life and across the life of our country

Encyclopedia of African American Politics

An A-to-Z volume examining the role of African Americans in the political process from the days of the American revolution to the present.

The Obama Effect: Multidisciplinary Renderings of the 2008 Campaign

Timely, multidisciplinary analysis of Obama's presidential campaign, its context, and its impact.

The Price of the Ticket: Barack Obama and the Rise and Decline of Black Politics

The historical significance of Barack Obama's triumph in the presidential election of 2008 scarcely requires comment. Yet it contains an irony: he won a victory as an African American only by denying that he was the candidate of African Americans.

Sister style : the politics of appearance for black women political elites

In Sister Style, Nadia E. Brown and Danielle Casarez Lemi argue that Black women's political experience and the way that voters evaluate them is shaped overtly by their skin tone and hair texture, with hair being a particular point of scrutiny.

A Realistic Blacktopia

In A Realistic Blacktopia, political philosopher Derrick Darby challenges the "small tent" approach by examining U.S. Supreme Court cases on education and voting rights arguing that they hold general lessons about the limits of racial politics. Securing racial justice in racist America calls for"big tent" remedies, and Darby argues that pursuing non-race-specific remedies with maximal democratic inclusion is a necessary strategy for mitigating racial inequality and achieving racial justice.

Obama's 2008 Election (Black History in Two Minutes series)


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