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HACC Tutoring: Become a Peer Tutor

HACC Tutoring is proud to offer student-centered academic support on a wide variety of subjects.

Peer Tutor Job Description

Peer tutors are responsible for providing tutoring to students in discipline(s), as assigned.

Functional Responsibilities

  1. Facilitate one-on-one and group tutorial sessions tailored to meet student needs for content and learning styles.
  2. Maintain accurate records of student contacts.
  3. Participate in tutor training sessions.
  4. Participate in projects as assigned, including class visits and promotions.


  1. Grade of A or B in course(s) tutored.
  2. Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 higher
  3. Recommendations from two (2) faculty members.
  4. Enrolled in at least 6 credits at HACC.
  5. Strong oral and written communication skills.
  6. Effective organizational and interpersonal skills.
  7. Ability to work with a diverse student population.
  8. Willingness to work a flexible schedule of hours including days, evenings, and weekends.

How to Apply

To apply for a tutoring position, activate your College Central Network (CCN) account.

Search open positions.

You can do it all from your smart phone.